Our Vision

We design interiors that are ready to adapt and evolve as our client's demands change because we want our work to stand the test of time. A move-in or completion date does not mark the end of the design process. We enjoy sharing the adventure with our clients while they travel.

We will assist you in making your own statement rather than imposing our own distinctive style on your room. Each project receives a fresh viewpoint from us, and we provide customized solutions for every client. Similar to how the area we made for ourselves conveys our story, your space should reflect who you are.


Our Edges

  • Innovative Milestone payment system

    The payment are separated into different stages, giving incentive for service provider while protecting the client

  • Rating System

    Clients who completed an order can rate the respective service provider

  • Progress checking system

    Daily updates of photos and videos allow clients to check renovation progress remotely


Our Target Markets

  • New Immigrants

    Breaking into the immigration market by target marketing and having the ability for remote progress checking

  • Elderlies & Disabled Citizens

    Our badge system will benefit service providers with relevant experience to appear higher up on search results, which will in turn increase awareness on elderly and disabled citizens’ needs and encourage more service providers to expand their service scope.

  • Locals

    Create job opportunities for locals and create bridge to connect for all Canadians


About Founder


Since 2000, Tammy has been playing the role of project manager on property development projects at a few listed developers. Her professionalism in project management is to plan and manage the development of real estate properties from a piece of land to completion with the value of the land maximized, within budget, at the required standard and in a timely manner. For each project, she has to lead a team of professionals of different disciplines such as architect, structural engineer, electrical & mechanical engineer, interior designer, landscape architect etc and contractors to deliver design and construction of properties.