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Artishouse Inc.

Artishouse is only a platform that provides transactions between members (that is, consumers and merchants). The listed products are uploaded and sold by the merchants themselves. After the consumers purchase and pay for the products on Artishouse, the sales contract is established between the consumer and the merchant. In the meantime, Artishouse cannot and will not intervene in or interfere with transactions between merchants and consumers. If consumers have subsequent consumption disputes about the products they purchase, they must be handled and resolved between the consumers and the merchants.

If consumers purchase products on Artishouse and have consumption disputes (such as: the merchant refuses to perform shipments, after-sales service, or cannot avoid showing up, etc.), Artishouse will try its best to assist consumers in contacting the merchant, and if necessary, the merchant’s contact information (company , Personal name, phone number, email) are provided to consumers, but this does not mean that Artishouse has an obligation to intervene in handling consumer disputes between merchants and consumers, nor is it jointly and severally liable for any legal liability arising from consumer disputes.

Regarding the contents and product information on the merchants and stores, if consumers have any questions, they should contact the merchants through Artishouse to contact merchants, send messages and other functions to contact the merchants and inquire, and the relevant legal responsibilities should also be borne by the merchants themselves. Artishouse is not responsible for any legal guarantees, guarantees, or joint and several liability for the content and product information listed by the merchants.

You clearly understand and agree that the Internet services (including but not limited to websites and mobile webpages and mobile apps, etc.), database systems and programming (hereinafter referred to as "the service") provided by Artishouse provide services only on an "as is" basis, Artishouse does not guarantee the following: A. This service meets the needs of users; B. The content and system programs of this service are not interfered, provided in a timely manner or free from errors; C. The goods or services you purchase through this service will meet yours Expectation; D. The correctness of the information filled in by all members. And Artishouse may make specification changes and version upgrades at any time according to its judgment. If the network service is temporarily suspended as a result, Artishouse will not compensate consumers in any way.

For third-party services designated by this service (including but not limited to banks or supermarkets), the quality and content

of the services provided are the responsibility of the third party. Therefore, when using this service, the verification may not be completed due to the third party's own system problems, related operation network connection quality problems or other irresistible factors. If the basic information you provide is incorrect and the service cannot immediately notify you of the emergency handling method of the abnormal situation, Artishouse will not be liable for any damages.

Artishouse must remind consumers: In order to protect consumer rights, consumers are requested to complete transactions on Artishouse. If you have any questions, please write to [email protected]